Scuderia Marinelli started its business restoring old Porches, back in 1999. All started when I, Marcelo Marinelli, bought a 1975 Porsche 911. In a matter of days I realized my dream ( I always wanted a Porsche ) became a nightmare. Beneath the paint the car was completely rusted, the motor needed a rebuilt. This is how I started on the car business.
On April 20th 2006 I decided to built a replica for me. When I received my body kit and saw the poor quality and the amount of parts, specially interior finish, was missing. I decided to make the best and most complete replica kit available. Today we offer a kit with everything needed to built a replica just like the one I built for me. Having built these cars already I can say our kit saves, to a hobby builder, thousands of U$ in labor and reduces your built time in more than 6months.

Marcelo Marinelli

São Paulo, Brazil

Cel: 55 11 9345-2331
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